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5 Tips to Make That Blow Dry Last

1.Pin up

Instead of sleeping upright, there is another way to make sure your blowdry will survive the night.

Take a section of hair and wrap around your index and middle finger, twisting away from the face. Pin the swirl/roll to your head with one or two bobby pins. Continue this all around the head until all of your hair is pinned up in swirls/rolls. Make sure you have about 5-10 sections in total.

2. Shower Cap

Whether you have a bath or shower, don't forget your shower cap! Steam from the hot water can ruin your bouncy blowdry.

When you remove your shower cap, also remove the bobby pins from the night before.

3. Dry Shampoo (Optional)

On day two or three of your blowdry your roots might start to feel a bit oily, refresh your hair with a bit of dry shampoo. If you can tell your hair will be greasy the next day, spray the dry shampoo in before you go to sleep and let it absorb over night.

4. Flip Head Upside Down

Flipping your hair upside down will give it an extra oommpphh. Brushing your fingers through your hair will seperate the sections and also make sure there are no traces of dry shampoo left.

5. Hair Spray

Finally spray your hair with some hairspray to help keep your beautiful blowdry in place.

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